The old man finally realized he was a banana

Mixed media on paper
This is the artwork about a Hypothetical Man who, at the end of his life, suddenly realized that he had not lived his life the way he wanted. All his life he was not who he is. His understanding can relate to anything - he lived his life in a place where he did not like, worked at an unloved job, he did not have time to see the world. The saddest discovery for a Hypothetical Man can be his (missed, hidden, and forgotten) personality self-identification and gender self-identification. And this is what can happen due to circumstances that often cannot be changed, due to government policy or pressure from society, the prejudices of relatives and friends. I am very glad that the discussion of identification problems and similar topics has become more relevant in modern society, even in my country.

This artwork is very important to me. Despite the ironic name, such a moment of realizing reality when there is no more time is truly terrible. Therefore, I wish everyone to find themselves and realize themselves as early as possible.

Paper, charcoal, pastel, spray paints, linocut paint. 2021

Dimensions: 94x62 cm

SIZE: Medium

Year: 2021

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