S.S.I.O. #6: Purple reverie

Oil on canvas
"Purple reverie" is an artwork about desire and passion. It is a great mistake to think that desire and pure love are incompatible. The unity of lovers is not a sin, but without love everything is a sin. I painted it inspired by the paintings of Egon Schiele.

“Sed Semel Insanivimus Omnes”-lat.: (“Sometimes we can all be insane”) series.
In this series, I explore the human soul, the feelings, and the emotions of people, their secret desires, drives, and vices. These artworks are a reflection of my continuous exploration of the surreal, the hidden, the unseen, the unseemly, the never-thought-about, the contemplative, the whimsical. The theme of each artwork is reflected in the style of painting, colors, and symbolic forms.

Series: S.S.I.O.

Dimensions: 70x50 cm

SIZE: Medium

Year: 2018

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