Almond Blossoms #2

Oil on canvas
Spring impressionistic landscape of blossoming branches of almond trees against a minimalist abstract seascape that depicts the setting sun and its reflection on the ocean surface. The contrast between the deep celestial blue and the peachy-wine combination of sunlight creates a surprisingly energetic atmosphere, and so the painting can seem both warm and cold under different lighting. The white and delicate pink flowers add life to the painting and blend perfectly with the blue background. A unique ornamentation is also included in the artwork.

As I wrote in the description of the first artwork, "Almond Blossoms", I had never seen a real ocean, but now my dream has come true and I decided to share the experience.
And of course, this artwork is inspired by the art of Van Gogh, one of my favorite artists.

Dimensions: 90x80 cm

SIZE: Medium

Year: 2023

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