S.S.I.O. #1: Instant: We are one

Oil on canvas
This artwork is about a moment of unity in the world. The moment in which your love becomes all-encompassing.

Twilight. The best time of day and the calmest. Though it may be the saddest. It's the time when flowers close in, life dies down, shadows darken and lengthen, turning into mysterious shapes. This is the Time of Magic.

“Sed Semel Insanivimus Omnes”- lat.: (“Sometimes we can all be insane”) series.
In this series, I explore the human soul, the feelings, and the emotions of people, their secret desires, drives, and vices. These artworks are a reflection of my continuous exploration of the surreal, the hidden, the unseen, the unseemly, the never-thought-about, the contemplative, the whimsical. The theme of each artwork is reflected in the style of painting, colors, and symbolic forms.

Series: S.S.I.O.

Dimensions: 70x80 cm

SIZE: Medium

Year: 2018

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