The Miracle

Oil on canvas
Our world is full of wonders, from the incredibly large to the completely invisible. But most people in their daily hustle and bustle don't pay attention to what's going on around us.

In my artwork "The Miracle" I touch upon the theme of simple human happiness. Due to sociological surveys, we know that many people feel unhappy or dissatisfied with their lives for various reasons. I know that many factors influence the level of happiness, including factors that are difficult or impossible to change. Such a factor could be a mental disorder, or, for example, government policies that affect the standard of living of citizens.

This topic is complex and multifaceted, it requires a lot of discussion. And I just want to show that in the struggle with everyday problems most people simply forget that it is necessary to enjoy life. We should not forget about the transience of human life. It is necessary to try to be happy and to enjoy the world around us, despite the circumstances.

Dimensions: 70x70 cm

SIZE: Medium

Year: 2020

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