Gypsum sculpture on plywood board

In my artwork, I explore one of the cultural and social problems of the post-Soviet space.
Due to ingrained stereotypes in people's minds, there is a dislike to highlighting the individuality of a person. According to these stereotypes, a person should not stand out in a crowd of people, such a person is branded in society as marginal. As a result, a talented person abandons his creativity, unable to overcome the fears imposed by society. Or he faces a misunderstanding of his creativity among the people around him, because of this, a person has to do work that is not related to the implementation of his creative ideas, just in order not to be left without a roof over his head. The latter problem was partially solved by the development of the Internet, but then the artist faces great competition from countries with a more developed art market.
"Appleseed” embodies the concept of an individual's struggle for his identity in symbolic forms and light.

The composition is made on reinforced plywood board 1520x500 mm. The depth of the artwork is 130 mm. The plywood is covered with acrylic paints and copper leaf. The main composition consists of three hollow gypsum shapes on an aluminum frame; the figure in the middle of the composition is molded from gypsum.
An LED backlight is embedded in each figure, which turns on by pressing a special key. Built-in special adapter for 220V-12V LED backlight. Connection to 220V network.

Dimensions: 50x152x13 cm

SIZE: Large

Year: 2021

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